Thinking Outside the Box: Replacing walls with garage doors.

Last week’s blog illustrated the potential for square footage that lies in the average home’s garage to be transformed into multipurpose, useful space. We now know adding a room to your home can add value.

But, what about flipping that thought and adding a garage door to a traditional room to add functional, stunning access to the outside? Form and function have always been the key factors in architecture and design. With the recent resurgence in industrial design, this option is a more suitable choice than ever before.

Living rooms, kitchens, offices and bedrooms can all benefit from the added light and fresh air that is discovered when walls are removed. Imagine waking up, clicking a button and having your bedroom open to the outdoors. Dinner parties need not be split up between the kitchen inside and the patio table outdoors anymore. A garage door gives the host the option of easy traffic flow between these two spaces.

We’ve seen restaurants and cafes create amazing, merged indoor/outdoor space by adding the garage door feature. Many businesses are located on great properties that should take advantage of the light and space that lies right outside their walls.

These features make our Roll Up Garage Door the best option for projects like this:

  • Safe: automatic obstruction sensor
  • Sleek, minimal, linear design.
  • Various colour options to choose from.
  • Extremely quiet
  • Energy efficient
  • Tested durability
  • Heat efficient
  • Space efficient roll up design

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