Garage Door Colour Trends

With exterior home design trends constantly evolving, choosing the colour of your garage door can be a bit of a daunting task. With a long lifetime ahead of your Roll Up Door, you want to be sure that the design and colour will be classic/timeless, yet stand up against the evolving trends. After all, the curb appeal of the exterior of your home plays a huge role in its market value.

We offer residential garage doors in 6 colours to assure homeowners that the garage door they pick will be suited to their particular home.

2013 showed us that the most popular picks for garage door colours were: Black, White and Charcoal Grey.

Moving into 2014 we have noticed a movement towards modernizing homes.In our experience, this means metal cladding and clean lines. Our prediction is that Regent Grey will be a new favourite for homes in 2014, but the choice is yours!

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