Is your garage door a Roll-Up-Door?

Be smart when purchasing your garage door!


  • Space Saving

    The Roll-Up-Door is a rolling steel sheet door. There are no tracks or motor bolted to the ceiling freeing up the entire ceiling space and maximizing the headroom in your garage.

  • Quiet

    Does your garage door clank and make noise every time you open or close it? Consider Roll-up-Door. Quiet motor produces around 61 decibels of noise, similar to an average conversation. A conventional garage door produces almost 75 decibels of noise!

  • Low Maintenance

    No wheels, no hinges, no cables, no grease means virtually no maintenance and less harm to the environment.

  • Secure

    Made out of steel, Roll-Up garage doors are one of the hardest to gain forced entry through due to the multiple points of contact.

  • Locally Built

    The Roll-Up-Door is manufactured locally in Surrey BC, by folks who stand behind the product and work hard to make the best garage doors to you.

Roll-up-Door Applications

  • Garage doors
  • Warehouse security shutters
  • Interior Use
  • Shed doors
  • Storage doors
  • Service doors
  • Retail shop front shutters
  • Window shutters
  • Counter shutters
  • Barn doors

Welcome to Smart Garage Door Ltd., the home of the alternative to the traditional overhead garage door.

The roll up steel garage door has been the #1 selling garage door in the world since 1956. Now available in North America, it is the only door of its kind to be available to the public as residential and commercial garage doors.

With its quiet operation and space saving design, it’s no wonder that this door has become the garage door of choice for many home owners. If you are looking to improve the style and overall functionality of your garage, look no further. Join the thousands of people that are realizing the benefits of going with a roll up door versus a sectional garage door and contact us for your free estimate today!

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Service Areas

Our office and warehouse are located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada where we manufacture and service the Roll-Up door. We install residential and commercial garage doors across Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.