How to replace a broken torsion spring – Garage Door DIY

Our last post informed you about how to recognize if your garage’s torsion spring is broken. So, now you’ve checked out your garage door and know the torsion spring is the problem. Where do we go from here?

Here is an excellent step-by-step instruction video by DDM Garage Doors, Inc. The video will guide you through replacing your garage’s torsion spring yourself.

*Please be aware that garage door’s can have large and heavy machinery attached and you should proceed with caution*

If you’ve researched this subject at all, you will no doubt have heard that you shouldn’t be attempting torsion spring replacement as a do-it-yourselfer. That is generally good advice, so if you have any doubts about your abilities to do risky physical work on your own, please hire a professional to complete the job.

If you find all this maintenance a hassle, think about purchasing our Roll-Up-Door for your home today. They don’t have tracks and torsion springs and are virtually maintenance free!