Avoid water damage by storing your items off the garage floor.

In the recent wake of the Calgary floods we thought it would be prudent to remind everyone of the perils of water damage and your garage storage. Protect your treasured items and use garage ceiling space to store seasonal and unused items.

Protect your treasured items and use garage ceiling space to store seasonal items.

Many of us are guilty of cleaning out the house and stuffing our unused or seasonal items to the back of the garage. And really, it is completely understandable when you think about most garages. They seldom come fitted with storage systems.

As a homeowner when you stop and consider the amount of potential storage space in the garage and the needs of your growing family, it quickly becomes apparent the potential value in upgrading the garage with proper storage. Not just for storage gains, but for safety issues too.

Many items tossed into the garages are used only seasonally or maybe every couple of years. Items stacked precariously on the floor can create safety concerns in moving around and are in the prime spot for being damaged should flooding occur. To solve this problem, just look up.

The most over looked storage area of the garage is the ceiling. There are endless ceiling mounted systems available to install. Check out this link on Pinterest for some great ideas.

When planning for your specific garage storage needs, look to the ceiling to store items required only periodically (ie seasonal sports, holiday decorations, baby items etc.)

When choosing a ceiling storage system, take into account the height of your car and the garage door. Many garage doors open by rolling up and along the ceiling, limiting overhead access. To get around this problem, look at the Roll-Up-Door by Smart Garage. It is a clever choice with a space saving design, rolling into itself vs across the ceiling, allowing for maximum ceiling storage possibilities.  It also features a soft, pliable bottom weather seal to keep rain from entering under the door.

Water damage can happen to anywhere. Whether it is the forces of Mother Nature or a broken water pipe, the damage is often irreversible. Take the time and protect your treasured items.