How do I know if my Garage Door’s torsion spring is broken?

This is a very common question asked of garage door repair technicians. Many home owners don't know what exactly a torsion spring is, what it does and how long it lasts.
The answer is actually quite basic!

Most garage doors weigh between 150 to 250 pounds and a torsion spring does all the heavy lifting of your garage door. Torsion springs do not last forever. Most torsion springs are rated for about 10,000 cycles - 1 cycle is the garage door going up and coming back down to close. This means the average homeowner could get 3-5 years of life.

If your garage door's torsion spring is broken you will likely notice the following:

  • Usually the automatic garage door opener will not open the door
  • You will see the split in the spring when viewing it

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