Five steps to building your dream garage

Thinking of renovating and building your dream garage? It is probably a wise investment, considering the average two car garage is 400 square feet, representing a substantial amount of room and opportunity to increase your home space, not to mention value too.

Before you start, consider the following five steps to creating your dream garage.

1. LIST OF FUNCTIONS. Make a list of your family’s needs in a dream garage. (I know it is your dream, but if you cohabitate, you will save time and energy creating this list.) ie. Do you have seasonal sporting equipment to store? Or possibly a budding “garage band” in need of space? Is a second car being added to the family fleet or do you have a hobby mechanic with an old classic needing room to work? Is your family growing or are you downsizing? These are things to consider when planning your overall design. You want your garage design to be functional in relation to your needs.

Now consider the four key garage design elements:

2. NEW FLOORING. No matter what your pre-determined use for the garage, a clean floor will create an inviting place to be. Today there are many inexpensive options to enhance a garage floor. Using a floor coating (check out polymer flooring) can help minimize dust, make cleaning a breeze and create a sense of extension to your home compared to stepping into an old garage on a bare concrete floor, which is cold, absorbs spills (ie. oil from cars) and often has unsightly cracks.

3. ELECTRICAL and plumbing. Here you need to consult your list of required garage functions and plan accordingly. Lighting (and potentially plumbing) will be a key element to the function and aesthetic of your dream garage. Proper lighting is essential to setting the right mood, illuminating work spaces etc.  Check out your local BBB if you do not know of any reputable trades people.

4. STORAGE. Again, go back to your list of required functions for your dream garage. I’d recommend consulting a storage company who caters to garage organization systems. You don’t have to go to the costs of custom shelving to create a dream space. There are great off-the-shelf systems using racks, shelving, extendable hooks and storage units etc. which are designed to maximize floor, wall and ceiling space helping to keep your garage functional and organized while creating an inviting room to work or play in.

5. GARAGE DOOR. The garage door is the crowning touch in both garage design and function.  Chances are it is the largest operating system on the exterior of your house, so you will want to invest wisely. Think back to your list of garage functions. Is the garage going to be the main point of entry to your house? Is there a bedroom above your garage? When considering the garage door, you will want to invest in a durable system and consider the ease of operation, space allotment and silence of the system you purchase. In addition to garage function, garage door design is essential. Garage doors are often in a prominent position on the exterior of your home. Installing a new garage door will enhance your home’s curb appeal and overall exterior design, ultimately increasing your home’s value. Your local garage door specialists will be able to consult you with design options.