To insulate or not? The Great Garage Door Debate

As Fall approaches the temperatures starting to migrate down your thermometer might have you thinking about the cost of your heating bill climbing upwards. Often, and correctly, people’s minds move straight towards insulation every nook and cranny… including their Garage Door. I mean, it is the largest entry point to your home right?

The thing about this theory that is faulted is that most homes don’t heat their garages. So moving towards insulating your garage door to save money is actually not very efficient. The best fix would be to ensure that the wall between your (heated) home and your (unheated) garage is well insulated.

Now, hold on, this is not to say that a well functioning garage door doesn’t provide insulation benefits. No one wants their important belongings, stored in the garage, to be frozen solid. Often, older garage doors have leaky panels and contact edges. Even a diy job of insulating the panels won’t fix the leaky edges and cracks. They will allow cold air, water and potentially unwanted pests an easy point of access to your space and things.

Our opinion is that having a newer, better-functioning garage door will allow you to eliminate any worry or wish for DIY-insulation in your garage.

Did you know that aluminum is an excellent barrier against radiant heat transfer? Our doors are built of quality materials to help you avoid the need for insulation. Aluminum is an excellent radiant barrier as it is naturally reflective with a low emissive rate (the amount of energy radiated.) The aluminum Smart Garage Roll-Up-Door is a natural choice to ensure your home is insulated to minimize the radiant heat transfer of your home.

You can also insulate Roll-up Door. Our Roll-up Door can be insulated with an 98% thermal break insulation that can be applied even after the door has been installed. Our insulation is a thermal reflective material which adheres to the interior side of the garage door. Since the insulation is reflective, it only reflects back any heat that is already there, it doesn’t produce heat on its own. Learn more about insulated roll up garage door

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