8 Tips for Car Safety in Extreme Cold

With the polar vortex cold weather wreaking havoc around the continent we thought we’d share some tips on how to keep your car safe in extreme cold.

  1. Keep your car in the garage if you can. Avoid ice damage and keep it a little warmer by keeping it inside.
  2. Car batteries become weak in the cold. To save power try to avoid pluggig in electronics (like your phone).
  3. Frozen locks are bound to happen. Dip your key in rubbing alcohol or use a lighter to warm it before trying to insert it.
  4. Keep your gas tank full at all time – in case you have to pull over or are stuck somewhere due to emergency circumstances.
  5. Related to #3 – keep an emergency kit in your car with blanket, ice scraper, flashlight and jumper cables. Also, a single candle (don’t forget a lighter) can keep your car from freezing in an emergency situation; just remember to crack a window.
  6. Make sure your antifreeze is topped up.
  7. Check your tire pressure. Cold temperatures reduce the volume of air in the tires and may result in them needing  top up.
  8. Don’t drive if you don’t have to and take it easy when you do!

Stay safe and warm out there.

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