Tips to Get Your Home Fall-Ready

September is upon us. We’re beginning the business of kids starting school, packing away gear after summer vacations and watching the dreaded fall rain starting in. But, don’t get caught up in all that doom and gloom!

Fall is one also one of our favourite seasons. Excitement has started to set in for sunny dry walks through crunchy auburn leaves, cozy evenings spent fireside and the return of the beloved pumpkin spice latte. Get a head start on some home projects while the weather is still holding strong.

As you begin getting ready for the impending cool season, it’s a good idea to think about preparing your home as well. The normal Summer wear & tear, along with the upcoming change in weather can be hard on parts of your home.

Checking off the tips on this list now can help save you some sanity and cash in the near future.

  • Walkways: Examine pavement and walkways for cracks. This will prevent freezing water from wreaking havoc when it expands into ice in these cracks. Also think about whether surfaces will provide the grip and avoid dangerous slipping during the coming wet and icy months.
  • Roof & Gutters: Make sure your gutters are free of debris. Check around chimneys, skylights etc for buildup that could cause water collection and leakage.
  • Lawn: It’s the perfect time to seed a new lawn, or feed your current one before it has to brave the cold weather.
  • Mudroom:  Make sure your entryway is ready for the incoming dirty boots and wet coats that are coming.
  • Fireplace: Inspect your fireplace and chimney and make sure everything is in working order to get those logs crackling when the temperature starts to drop.
  • Windows & Doors: Check for drafts. The more airtight your home is the more efficient and inexpensive heating will be.
  • Lighting: Make sure you have sensor lights or walkways lighting installed so that getting to your door at night is safe for everyone.
  • Furnace: Get your heating system serviced to make sure it’s in shape to keep your house chill-free.
  • Exterior Faucets: Make sure outdoor hoses are freeze proof, or the water to them is turned off. Preventing a burst frozen pipe can save you money and hassle in the near future.
  • Garage: Get things tidied and stored away off the ground. Make sure your door is working properly or even think about replacing it with a more efficient, energy saving, safe option like this. It’s one of the main entry point to most homes during these cold months and you don’t want to be stuck trying to fix or replace it during the wet, cold months. Get a free quote today on a new garage door.