9 Ways to Prepare Your Garage for Winter

There’s no doubt that Winter is on its way. Every new day brings a drop in temperature and the piling on of seemingly endless layers of clothing. The home thermostats are in overdrive, but is anyone paying attention to the often forgotten (attached/detached) garage?

While your home is warm, cozy and abuzz during the Holiday Season, it’s easy to forget about the state of things in the place where you park your car.

Freezing water, expanding ice, mildew, and frigid air can wreak havoc on the often unheated storage in this space – not to mention the remnants of winter like salt, snow and dirt being tracked in on the wheels of your vehicles.

Here’s another one of our handy checklists to get your Garage Space ready for the chilly season that is beginning to set in.

*Completing these small, simple tasks can allow you to focus on other more exciting holiday tasks like decorating, baking and shopping.

  1. Insulate Water Pipes
    water pipes
  2. Test the manual operation of your door and make sure any hinges or springs are insulated
  3. Check and add new weather stripping to the bottom of the door to keep warm air in and cold air out
  4. Ensure proper insulation/seal around other potential air leaks (windows etc)
  5. Store Spring and Summer essentials off the ground
  6. Drain fuel from gas equipment
    fuel tank
  7. Seal your floor and periodically clean it to avoid salt damage
  8. Shovel snow away from the garage door to allow easy entry/exit
    shovel snow
  9. Turn off exterior faucets