Smart Garage Roll-Up-Doors installed on PNE Prize Home

Every year, the PNE comes to Vancouver bringing a surplus of amusing rides, mouth watering foods and circus-like extravaganzas that draw out a swarm of crowds. One of these is the PNE Prize Home, an opulent mansion dropped smack dab in Playland’s centre for wanderers to raffle on and tour through. Although the doors may be open for viewing, its popularity is so impressive that lineups often wind throughout the park and last for hours at a time. Despite the inconvenience, park-goers are patient and willing to wait under the blazing hot sun – sticky churros and melting snow cones in hand – for the chance to experience luxury.

Why such a spectacle? The PNE Prize Home is constructed with A-grade materials, and furnished with the most luxurious appliances and fittings. It’s not just a prize home, but a dream home. Stepping through the entrance is like stepping into another world; one far out of reach for many individuals. Typically valued at over 1 million dollars, the home is designed to provide every convenience – from restaurant quality kitchen space and hotel quality bedroom areas, to industrial quality garage quarters.


It is for the latter reason that we are proud to advertise our Roll-Up-Door as a central Prize Home feature. Our garage doors have been incorporated into the Prize Home blueprints since 2008. That’s five years worth of recognition for our high caliber, top-tier doors! To be placed in homes of such craftsmanship is a testament of our product’s value, and we are happy to share that with the world.


So, if you’re looking for a little bit of luxury in your home, why not start with the garage? Call us for your free quote, and get your dream house going!