Simple steps to make installing a Smart Garage door easy

Need help installing a Smart Garage door? Read on for some helpful tips!

The Roll-Up-Door by Smart Garage is an amazing residential garage door that’s ultra quiet, safe, smooth, durable and takes up less room than a traditional sectional door.

Each of our doors is custom made to within ¼ inch intervals from 8’W x 7’H to 18’W x 9’H.

This custom design means we can create the perfect garage door designed specifically to fit your space.

When you order one of our Roll-Up-Doors, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that we’re building a custom door that is designed for your garage alone.

And it is a door designed to last.  Our Roll-Up-Door comes with a 10 year warranty for the steel door curtain, covering steel cracking, lock seam failure, and associated labour costs.

Given our Roll-Up-Doors are customized to fit your garage opening, they’re also easy to install.

Smart Garage will provide you with detailed and simple instructions on how to install the door yourself.

Following this set of instructions you’ll have your door up in no time at all!

Click the quote tab on this website to get a fast quote on a Roll-Up-Door or call us at 604-637-2030.

The Roll-Up-Door is the world’s best-selling garage door – and given its simple installation, high-quality and made-in-Canada durability, it’s easy to see why.