Shell Busey commends the Roll-Up-Door

With 50 years in the home improvement industry including 25 of them on the radio, HouseSmart’s Shell Busey isn’t a guy we’re about to argue with.

That’s why we’re so happy that the Smart Garage Roll-Up-Door was recently given a great review by Shell on his Ask Shell Coffee Break TV show. We think Shell’s nationally recognized reputation makes him one of the most trusted in the home improvement industry.

Shell’s review of the Roll-Up-Door touched on its convenience and ease of use since there’s “no heavy doors to swing open or lift up.” He mentioned the impressive design of the Smart Garage Roll-Up-Door in comparison to other rolling garage door, and especially the way the Smart Garage Roll-Up-Door coils into itself rather than running along tracks on the ceiling. As Shell said, the Smart Garage self coiling system maximizes ceiling access for storage and allows for flexible lighting options and good visibility.

Shell Busey’s HouseSmart Referral Network is one of the most recognized referral programs in the home improvement industry. With a half century of home improvement experience, people trust Shell. When it comes to the Smart Garage Smart-Up-Garage,  we couldn’t agree more.