Buy local: BC-built Garage Doors

It’s surprising what you learn when you research a simple thing like the garage door.

Did you know the garage door is a favoured entrance among burglars and other intruders? And in regions where forest fires and high wind events that play havoc on a home, were you aware the garage door can be a fire’s pathway to the house interior?

Most people think of this staple house fixture as just a large, visible statement that often takes up a sizable proportion of the front of a house. If you’ve seen one garage door, then you’ve seen them all.

But the garage door is more that that. For a lot of reasons – whether it has to do with home security, or durability or attractiveness contributing to house re-sale – the garage door is something you might want to give some thought to.

That’s because today’s standard sectional garage door is no longer the only choice – nor the best. Among other things, sectional doors are often made of wood – so they’re heavy, they sometimes look out of place on otherwise smart-looking homes, they fairly quickly become tired-looking and in need of paint – and they just don’t last very long.

When you choose a new door for your garage, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want a door that’s manufactured locally, by folks who stand behind the product? In some homes the garage door gets a good work-out. You’ll want to ensure it’s properly fitted and installed, and generally that it’s up to the challenge.
  • Are you looking for a product that’s secure, durable, long-lasting and requires little to no maintenance? Remember the garage door can be a key access point to the home by intruders
  • Are things like the door’s smart appearance and quiet operation important features to you? Sleek, clean lines and a high-quality coating are important features for any home.
  • When it comes to garage doors, how important is a warranty? What about an affordable price?

Once you’ve turned your mind to this simple list, you’ll be better prepared to make a smart choice for your next garage door. Among the products you’ll want to consider is the Smart Garage Roll-Up-Door, designed for security, attractive appearances and smooth, low effort operation. There’s a Roll-Up-Door that’s in the perfect size, fit and colour for your home.