Smart Owner Profile: Meet Cathy

Meet Cathy.  She is a new proud Smart Garage owner and she can’t say enough great things about the Roll-up door.  She loves that the door is so easy to operate.  With the touch of button, it rolls up and down.  Cathy has recently moved to Merritt BC where the temperatures can get really hot in the summer and likewise really cold in the winter.  As a result, she is really pleased that her new door is well insulated and it has a quality weather seal on the bottom.
Roll Up Door


Cathy and her husband are excited about their move from Chetwynd BC, 3 1/2 hours north of Prince George  to their new house in Merritt. Cathy thinks the bright colour of the Smart Garage door and fresh look are a great addition to her newly renovated home.

Kathy's home

The number one reason though that Cathy gushes about her new Roll-up door is that it frees up space on the ceiling of her garage.  This is especially the case in her new house since the previous owners had an old track garage and in order to support it properly, they had a post in the middle of the stairwell.  The Roll-up door not only takes little room on the ceiling, it allowed her to remove the awkward support post and have a normal flight of stairs.

ceiling space

Cathy heard about Smart Garage by word of mouth, and you can be sure many people will hear about this wonderful product from her!