Love It or List It Vancouver

Are you a Love it or List it fan?  It is a local show on HGTV that showcases a couple that is torn between renovating their house or listing it and finding a new house. Did you catch the recent episode that featured our Smart Garage door?
LOLV EP4094 - Hosts + Homeowners 1

In Season 4 Episode 18 that aired on May 22, 2017, Brenda and Marcos have a dilemma.  When they dreamed of moving to the west coast, they wanted the ocean and the forest at their finger tips.  Instead, they bought a fixer upper.  In the four years that they lived in the house, Marcos has slowly reno-ed some of it and has left most of it half done.

Brenda wants to sell and move on, preferably to home with an ocean view.  Marcos wants to stay and is willing to sacrifice almost anything to make the house perfect for Brenda.  He convinces Jillian Harris, the host and reno queen, to butterfly the ceiling in upstairs office. In order for this to pass inspection, they must install a support beam in the garage in the location of the old track garage doors.

Enter Smart Garage Roll-up doors.  The solution to the problem is our very own Roll-up door that does not take any ceiling space and frees up space for extra support beams or anything else that may come up in a reno.

LOLV EP4094 - After - Front of House

They complete the renovation and the garage looks fabulous with our white doors.  Check out the episode to see if they Love it or List it!

Whether they love it or list it, we know you are going to love our Roll-up door.