Burnaby senior’s stolen bike returned!

Burnaby senoir's stolen bike returned The recent theft of Burnaby senior Nilis Dykstra’s bike ended on a happy trail when his bike was returned to him. Dykstra was lucky, but many are not when it comes to garage break-ins and thefts.

Bike theft is an ongoing issue in Vancouver.  According to a 2012 Vancouver Police Department statistics 1,839 bikes were reported stolen in the city, up more than 50 per cent from five years ago.

Burnaby and surrounding suburbs are linked with bike routes into and out of the city centre. The increase in popularity of commuting via bikes in recent years means the demand for bikes is increasing too.

Dykstra’s bike theft story is not isolated to Burnaby alone. It is a reminder to everyone to ensure your bikes are securely stored in the garage. Here are some tips to consider.

  • Install bike racks or wall/floor bracket where your bike is to be stored. A bolted down rack or bracket will provide a secure stationery place to lock your bike too.
  • Choose a secure lock and be sure to lock your bike up.
  • When determining location for the bike storage, try to keep the bike out of view from the street level. Of course this must be balanced with the need for accessibility, however, out of site is best.
  • Always keep tools locked away which may aid a thief. ie Hack saws, wire clippers, chain cutters etc.
  • Check with your house insurance provider to ensure items stored in the garage will be covered in the event of a break-in.
  • Make sure the garage door is secure and closed after entry. Automatic garage door openers and closers are an easy install and handy when life gets busy. (How many times have you left the door open!)
  • Make sure your garage door is working and locking correctly. The entry point of many house invasions is through the garage.  Check out the Smart Garage steel Roll-Up-Door.  The fire department rates rolling steel doors as the hardest doors to gain forced entry through.