6 tips for spring cleaning outdoors

Spring has sprung.  The first of the spring flowers are in bloom. The trees are starting to blossom and the temperature is getting warmer.  As we collectively emerge from our houses to enjoy the spring weather, some work needs to be done. It is time to spring clean. Usually people focus on cleaning out closets and cobwebs in the house but the outside of the house and property also needs some attention after the harsh elements of the winter.

Here are the 6 things you need to tackle in your outdoor spring clean:

1. Pressure wash the driveway, decks and side walks


Moss, dirt and slime have built up on the flat surfaces outside. Pressure washers can be purchased or rented for between $50 – $75 for the day or a portion of from your local Home Depot or rental shop.  Like any big cleaning job, plan out what you are going to pressure wash and do it systematically to avoid missing spots or portions. Use a large spray and hold the pressure washer at a distance to prevent lines and streaks.

2. Clean out the garden beds

Flower beds

Dead leaves, twigs and weeds have covered the garden beds and now is the time to put your garden gloves on and get on your hands and knees. It’s grunt work, but the end result is so satisfying. Your garden beds will be tidy and neat.  It is a good time to consider reapplying top soil to add nutrients or bark mulch to keep the weeds down.

3. Prune trees and trim hedges

pruning trees

Your hedges and trees could use a prune before they wake up too much this spring.  Snip back the over grown twigs and and shape your hedges to a clean line.  For larger trees and hedges, consider calling a reputable company like Jim’s Mowing to do the work for you.

4. Wash the windows

With the sun shining it, the spots and filth are glaringly obvious.   Get out there with a squeegee and give those windows a wipe.  Add a few drops of dish soap to a large bucket of water, wash the windows of all the built up grime and squeegee it for a streak free shine.

5. Wash garage doors and siding

Roll-up Garage Door

Your garage doors and siding of the house also could use a clean as spring appears.  Wash your Roll-up door by Smart Garage like you would your car, with soapy water and a soft rag.  Rinse clean with water and your door will look great again.  For the siding of your house, it depends on what material your home is made of.  For a quick clean, a scrub brush and some water should work.  If a deeper clean is needed, consider whether your home is sided with stucco, vinyl or hardboard for the best option.

6. Plant spring flowers

Spring flowers

With the garden beds cleaned up and the shrubs pruned, now you need to add some spring colour to your gardens.

Primulas and pansies are bright and vibrant annuals that are great flowers to plant at this time of year. They are hardy against some of the unpredictable cool spring weather and will bloom well into May if they are taken care of.   They will add a burst of colour until the perennials and other annuals are in bloom.