The hassle-free, low maintenance, Roll-Up-Door by Smart Garage

The garage door is a major operating feature of the exterior of your home. When it comes to selection, you’ll want to choose a hassle free, low maintenance door. And this is exactly what you’ll get with the Roll-Up-Door by Smart Garage. With Smart Garage’s revolutionary light weight and space saving Roll-Up-Door design, it is the smart buyer’s choice.

Durability and low maintenance are essential features to consider, as in most homes, the garage represents the highest traffic area. With a 10 year guarantee, you can rest assured your Roll-up-door is made from the highest quality materials and is durable enough to stand up to the traffic. Made with 26 gauge corrugated galvanized structural grade steel, the Roll-Up-Door is built to stand the test of time. Whether you choose a manual chain operated system or automatic remote system, your Roll-Up-Door will provide years of easy entry into and out of your home.

Entry and exit from your home could not be easier or safer. Just a click of the button or a light pull of a chain and the door rolls silently and effortlessly. No heavy doors to maneuver or struggling to open.  Imagine a car full of kids, groceries etc. on a rainy fall day and you can immediately see the benefits. And with safety sensors securely in place, no one or thing will be harmed in the operating of the garage door. The Roll-Up-Door is truly hassle-free.

Even the installation process is effortless. With a free estimate and design/colour consultation, your decisions can be made with ease and confidence. Custom measurements are taken and the doors built to fit. Installation can take less than one day.  And an added bonus is the minimal space required by the Roll-Up-Door. The space saving design will potentially free up overhead and wall space. Today, with full size SUVs, sport racks, and all those toys to store, garage space is always at a premium and any added space is a definite bonus.

The Roll-Up-Door is truly hassle-free, ultra quiet, low in maintenance and quite simply – it works! It will surely become an essential element in making your life low maintenance and hassle-free.

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