Garage sale – clean and make some $$

Cluttered garage? Is your garage too full to park your car in? Has it become the dumping ground for all the things you don’t use anymore? This is the perfect opportunity to purge your belongings and have a garage sale. Spring is a great time to reassess what you have and what you need and earn a few dollars clearing out some of the stuff you forgot you even had!

Here’s how:

Pull everything out of your garage, shed or house that you have not used in a the last year or two.  Decide what is worth trying to sell and what needs to be recycled or thrown out.

Price your items.  The dollar store sells labels in various dollar increments perfect for garage sales.  Don’t over price your items if you want them to sell and expect some people to haggle.garage sale stickers

Advertise on Craigslist or in your local paper.  It is also a good idea to join a neighbourhood garage sale or one hosted locally by a local realtor – such as Tony Z from Remax.

Garage Sale Sign

Make your garage sale visible from the road.  Consider hanging balloons and have clear signage from the road.

Got kids?  Get them involved by running a lemonade stand at your sale.

Lemonade stand

Anything left over that are quality items can be donated to a thrift store in your area.

Have fun!  At the end of the day, your garage will be emptier and you will have some money in your pocket.  You may even be able to park your car inside now!