10 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When you purchased your home you likely envisioned a multitude of  upgrades you could make to align it with your style and improve its’ value. Over the years these projects seem to fall to the wayside, especially those related to the outside of your home (which we are blissfully unaware when nestled inside).

Whether you are planning on selling your home, having guests over or just worried about what the people walking by might think, no one can refute that your home’s curb appeal is important. The façade of your home is the thing potential buyers (and strongly opinionated in-laws) see when visiting.

Today’s post focuses on tips that increase your curb appeal and added visual and monetary value to your home.

Pick a few or try them all, your home’s value will be increased no matter what.

  • Paint: The most obvious change you can make is altering the paint or siding on your home to bring it up to date and help it look well taken care of.
  • Lighting: Walkways and outdoor lighting is not only visually appealing but also a huge safety and security plus for your home.
  • Garage Door: An easy to operate, durable, safe garage door can be a huge selling point when it comes to the exterior of your home. It’s a prominent, key feature that can both update your home visually and lend practicality to potential buyers. Get your free quote on a Roll-Up-Door today.
  • Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance: This is one of the most obvious signs of whether an owner has put love, care and attention into their property. Luckily laying  new lawn or adding some vibrant posted plants can bring you exterior back to looking fresh and exuberant again.
  • Walkways: Even on a budget walkways can be resurfaced or painted to make entrances look fresh, safe and inviting. If you are feeling eager replacing a walkway is always an improvement that will help your home.
  • Front Door: You can update this with paint, a new door and/or a little bit of decorating. A welcoming entrance to your home is a must. Symmetry in an entry way is a quick way to make your exterior look balanced and cared for.
  • Hardware:  Polish it up or replace it to take a few years off the look of your house.
  • Windows & Window Dressings: It’s easy to forget that some indoor features are visible from the outside. Get those dated, dusty dirty blinds out and opt for something more streamlined and fresh. Repaint or replace window trim, add shutters and polish those windows.
  • Adding a Porch:  A deck or seating area can really increase how inviting your home looks. We know this is a more expensive option, but it is definitely worth noting.
  • Details: A new mailbox or adding window boxes are small changes that can spice up the exterior of your home.