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Meet Gail.  She and her husband Bob recently moved from their family home to a nearby acreage with a larger shop for their growing business.  Though the house was ideal, the shop needed some help to be suitable for their bug business, West Grow Biologicals.  They needed a new garage door.

Gail from West Grow Biologicals

Unlike many of the decisions when moving, this decision was easy.  They knew what they wanted, a Roll-up door. Gail and Bob had owned a Smart Garage Roll-up door in their previous home and they loved the space that it allowed in their home business office.  The door ran smoothly and quietly for frequent use. Most importantly for a small business, it fit their budget.

Gail found the Smart Garage service friendly, professional and quick.  When she had a question about the door, the office support was great. In choosing their new door, Gail was impressed with the large selection of colours and sizes and choose a colour that nicely matched the roof of their new bigger shop.

Gail's brown garage door

Gail’s favourite feature of the Roll-up door  is the insulated option.  With the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, it keeps the shop at the working temperature for the office and bug storage.  It is important to keep both people and bugs happy.

 West Grow Biologicals

At West Grow Biologicals, they distribute beneficial insects to farmers, nurseries and other businesses in the horticulture industry.  As a natural alternative to pesticides, they provide predators to deal with the pests found in gardens.  Their philosophy is based on Nature’s ability to regulate insect populations.  “Essentially, good bugs eating bad bugs.”  Check them out at