Recycling and disposing of garage items

You have cleaned out the garage. You donated your quality items to a local charity or had a garage sale.  You brought your bottles and cans to a local recycle depot for a refund or donated them to a local fundraising effort.

But you may find yourself with a few items that you don’t know how to dispose of safely. Here is how to recycle of some common household items.

1. Tires


Your old tires had no were bald and so you bought new tires.  Now you have tires piled up taking up space.  So aside from making a tire swing or a rustic planter, you can safely dispose of them with local non-profit organizations that work to keep them out of the landfill.  They take used tires and make them into athletic tracks and synthetic turf fields.  Tire Stewardship BC accepts tires for drop off as well as holds local tire roundups around the province.  Check out their website for more details.

2. Appliances

You have upgraded your appliances for some stainless steel ones and you would like the old appliances out of your garage.  If they are broken, they can be recycled for scrap metal and if they are in good working order, call your local used appliance shop if they are interested in having or buying them from you. They are also accepted for free at the Vancouver transfer station and recycling depot or through Regional recycling.

3. Paint

Paint cans

You repainted the kitchen have a little bit of let over paint or you touched up the deck and now you have a can of half used stain. What do you do with the leftover cans? Paint is not accepted at your local landfill or transfer station.  To recycle paint, it bring it to a designated recycle depot.  Locations can be found at

4. Mattresses

Got an old mattress?  Finding it difficult to dispose of?  Many charities will not accept used mattresses due to concerns about bed bugs.  So how do you get rid of your old springy mattress? They are accepted with a fee at the Vancouver landfill and transfer station.

5. Car or lawnmower batteries


Had to replace a battery or two?  And now you have an extra one sitting in the garage.  To recycle it, you can return it to the place where you purchased it since most auto parts stores offer complimentary battery recycling.

6. Other large items?

Have an old dresser or broken couch taking up space in your garage?  Most cities and municipalities offer a large item pick up service.  Call your local municipal waste management and arrange a large item pick up.