Langley Cruise-In recap

What a fabulous weekend for car enthusiasts of all ages at the Langley Cruise-In.  There were cars of every age, colour and model imaginable.  Vintage cars lined the road, sports cars filled the parking lots and motorcycles filled up the spaces in between.  There were red cars, blue cars, old cars, new cars.  Cars with class, cars with style and cars with a whole lot of sass.

Vintage car at Langley Cruise-inred vintage car

motorcycleyellow car

Langley City was buzzing.  Everywhere you turned, there was another decked out vehicle. They were displayed in town for the day, met again for the swap meet and impromptu gatherings all over town throughout the weekend.

And lots of people.  People driving fancy cars, people displaying their cars, people looking at cars and people like us, selling fabulous products to all those people.

Vintage snack carvintage sports car

kids go cartsmart garage service car


It was a great weekend for Smart Garage too.  A booth was set up featuring the Roll-Up door.   Will and Michelle spent the day meeting up with happy customers past and future.

Will and Michelle

 “The door sells itself!” – Will

At a car show, car people want quality products for their cars and their garages.  That makes Smart Garage Roll-Up Door an obvious choice and an excellent feature for their home.

Smart Garage Rollup Door

The garage door rolled up and down all day showing off its smooth and easy roll.  Customers could see how much space the door saves in the garage and feel the quality steel it is made from.  The quietness of the door went unnoticed, however, with all the buzz around, but that is to be expected. when you are at such a fun event.

We can’t wait till next years Cruise-In.  If you missed it, you will want to be there.  If you missed us, give us a call at 604-637-2030 or get a free online quote.