Garage Doors: Portals Into Another Dimension?

Seeing as it’s Monday back at the office, we thought you might need a chuckle or two to get your week started on the right foot.

Sometimes, when you use Google, you get a peek into some pretty absurd, funny stuff. Today was one of those days. We now know that a sleek, attractive modern garage front like ours isn’t the most outlandish way to outfit your home exterior.

Check out these hilarious ‘garage decals’ that have been created by people to give their garage doors a little more…hmm, shall we call it “dimension”? It’s pretty akin to the street artists you see painting those 3D murals that seem to stretch right past the pavement and into the ground. Only this time, they’ve created fantasy worlds that might exist just beyond you garage door.

I think for now, we’ll stick with the sleek Smart Garage Rollup door and leave these to the more adventurous folks out there.