6 Reasons for a Fall Garage Sale

Even with Craigslist allowing people to barter goods on their own schedule and thrifted goods coming back into fashion, one cannot argue that the mecca of all thrifting experience is the traditional, family Garage Sale.

With crisp, Fall, weekend weather ahead of us we’re here to get you inspired to host your own garage sale. Give others a chance to find and buy the ‘treasures’ you no longer need or use.

Here are some great reasons to start cleaning out and cleaning up your garage today:

  • Purging clutter & passing on goods to others is fun and financially fruitful
  • Your garage space deserves to be taken advantage of in the best way possible. Check out these unique options for repurposing your valuable garage square footage.
  • You’ve finished with your Summer toys, the kids are growing up and you likely won’t need them for years to come
  • Your “trash” could very well be someone’s treasure! Your older things might not be useful for you, but others could benefit from them enormously
  • You need to make space for Winter goods like skis, snowboards, boots, shovels etc.
  • You have likely been putting it off forever and getting it done will give you great satisfaction

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