Bear Attacks Garage Door in Naramata

A woman in Naramata came home to find a giant hole ripped in her garage door this past week.

Spring is upon us in British Columbia and that means sunshine and time outside, it also means awakened wildlife, often with new babies to feed. Bears are attracted to urban areas by garbage and put both humans and themselves at risk by exploring for food sources.

The garage is most often used to store trash cans until they are to be lined up on the street to be collected. In this most recent case, the bear smelled the garbage and was so desperate to reach it that it ripped a hole in the garage door. We suggest that if you are planning on upgrading or replacing your current garage door, strongly consider a Roll-Up-Door for it’s added security.

Did you know that the fire department rates rolling steel doors as theĀ hardest doors to gain forced entry through? The reason for that is simple: 26 gauge corrugatedĀ galvanize structural grade steel. Our steel doors will withstand even forced entry attemptsĀ using a car or pick-up truck.

Garbage is inevitable, but you can follow these safety tips to avoid close calls with your wild neighbours:

  • Properly secure your garbage and keep it indoors until pick-up, or until you can bring it to your local landfill.
  • Use finished compost, leaves, grass or wood chips to cover up fruit or other food waste in your composter.
  • Make sure to harvest fruit tree fruit immediately. If you own an orchard, electric fencing is encouraged.
  • To keep your barbecues safe, make sure they are properly cleaned, covered and don’t leave utensils out overnight.